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Martial Arts for Kids offers children's martial arts classes to children ages 4-12. We teach a style of Aikido that emphasizes connection to others and is an extremely versatile martial art. Studying Aikido develops the physical skill of self- defense along with the internal aspects of character development, interpersonal skills, self-control, and respect for others.

We believe that the martial arts should be taught for its self-defense effectiveness as well as for the child's complete development of character as a good citizen within our community. Our program for children focuses on the development of the whole child, producing confident martial artists and kind, considerate individuals.

We emphasize etiquette and attitude as much as we train technique.

As children begin our program, they come to naturally understand the exclusively defensive nature of our the art - all technique is in response to another's action and all practice is accomplished with a partner. The children learn what it is like to be grabbed or to have their partners strike at them, and also to feel what it is like to defend against such actions in a controlled environment.

This helps reduce the natural fear associated with being attacked. All of this is done in the safety of the dojo, under close supervision. Children learn to be more confident after only a few classes and also learn valuable skills to defend themselves against would-be bullies or anyone who wishes them harm.

About Our Sensei

Our Dojo is led by Sensei Dedeuc D`Antonoli. Sensei started his path in the study of martial arts in 1992 with Kyoshi Dave Kovar in Kenpo Karate in Carmichael California.

Since that time Sensei has never encountered a form of Japanese Martial Arts he hasn't enjoyed training in and learning about. He has studied many styles of martial arts, and in general has a deep passion for Japanese culture and tradition.

He is a full time martial artist and has dedicated his life to the pursuit of learning and teaching others. Many martial arts school instructors teach martial arts as a part time job, or hobby, and many no longer pursue their own studies. Sensei continues to study and teach full-time.

Under the guidance and encouragement of his own Sensei, D'Antonoli Sensei took up full-time teaching duties in 2006. He was awarded a Senior Teaching License, the highest level teaching license awarded by his instructor.

Sensei has been teaching martial arts to children for many years, both in the United States and in Mexico. His goal is to ensure that classes get kids moving and teach them valuable skills both in terms of self-defense and life outside the dojo. But above all, he believes classes should be fun!

Sensei is recognized by the International Martial Arts Council and has been inducted into The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame under the category of "Chief Master Instructor" in recognition for his contributions to the international martial arts community.

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